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The 1st International Symposium

On the 27-29 May 1991, the first International Conference was organized in Greece, by GAAEC, at the Amphitheatre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The subjects that were discussed were:

a. "The new safety structures in Europe",
b. "Balkans, a new era",
c. "The contribution of education in International Cooperation"
d. "The Mediterranean dimension concerning safety and cooperation in Europe"

In this Conference officials from both the Government and the Greek Parliament participated. The conference was held with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the cooperation of the "Educational Committee" of ATA.

Speakers included, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. A. SAMARAS, the Minister of National Defence , Deputies Mr. I. VARVITSIOTIS, Mr. Th. PAGKALOS, Mr. M. LIAPIS, Mr. B. BEKIRIS and Mr. M. PAPAGIANNAKIS, Scholars, the retired Air Force General Mr. N. KOYRIS, the Chairman of ATA Mr. Bernandino GOMES, the Secretary General of the North-Atlantic Assembly Mr. Peter CORTERIER, the former representative of S.G. of NATO Mr Dominique BARETH, the Italian ambassador to Greece Mr. Paolo Pansa CEDRONIO and other experts.

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