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The Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa


The Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa (AWEPA) works in cooperation with African Parliaments to strengthen parliamentary democracy in Africa, keep Africa high on the political agenda in Europe, and facilitate African-European Parliamentary dialogue. It has some 1500 current and former parliamentarians as members from the European Parliament and almost all EU member states, plus Norway and Switzerland.

With its roots in the campaign to end apartheid in South Africa, AWEPA now works in Africa from a development perspective to strengthen the core functions of parliaments: oversight, representation and legislation. It believes that strong parliaments are essential prerequisites for Africa's development. They contribute to peace, stability and prosperity on the continent. In Europe, AWEPA members improve the understanding and commitment among parliamentarians and other political leaders towards important issues in Africa.

With 25 years of experience, AWEPA has been a catalyst for change and has made an important contribution towards the growth of parliamentary capacity and democracy in Africa.
As a non-partisan organization, AWEPA has members from the whole political spectrum. It has Special Consultative Status at the UN Economic and Social Council and is on the list of ODA eligible organizations of the OECD/DAC.

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