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European Voluntary Service

Youth in Action Final

The year 2006 saw G.A.A.E.C. opening its doors to a number of international volunteers, providing them with international working experience and enriching the association with a new and dynamic multicultural component. Within the European Union's European Voluntary Service (EVS, part of the YOUTH program), G.A.A.E.C. offers young European citizens the opportunity to complete a long-term voluntary service (from 8 months to a year) in its Athens office under a project called "Listen to us – Young European citizens/Aristoteles". This project aims at empowering young people therefore empowering communities at a cultural, educational and economic level. Our organization gives the opportunity to international volunteers to take part actively in several local, national, and international activities endeavouring to develop their European and International citizenship awareness, to promote Youth involvement, to sustain integration and to emphasize intercultural relations.

GAAEC is accredited as sending,host and coordinating organization for the European Voluntary Service (reference number 2011-GR-5) which is a program of YOUTH in Action, Action 2 financed by the European Union.

What are the volunteer's tasks?

Part of our dynamic working team, our volunteers actively participate to all organizational aspects of several national and international activities, such as IIPES, Kernels of our future, the 52nd General Assembly of ATA, the International Meeting of EURODEFENSE, The Euro-Mediterranean Journalism Institute and the Fellowship program on International Security and Cooperation – the contribution of a new generation. The responsibilities of the EVS volunteers include: Organisation of regular events; Edition and running of the G.A.A.E.C. e-newsletter and website; Organization of YOUTH and EVS presentation events to local youth groups; Research and publication of articles related to issues of European citizenship in the young population and publicising international volunteering to NGOs and Networks. Special issues and projects such as gender involvement can be implemented depending on volunteers' interests. The opportunities given to volunteers are going to make them confident about their organizational and management skills and offer them great experience in a democratic environment and help them to fulfill their future dreams more easily.

The volunteers have to enjoy communicating with people, be cooperative, sociable, friendly and fluent English speaker. They have to have basic computer knowledge, be able to promote the European Voluntary Service, be practical and have organizational and management skills. Priority will be given to people interested in cultural development, European integration, and youth's contemporary issues including educational advancement. Interest in gender issues, especially related to education and International Security, is welcomed.

For more information about the project "Listen to Us – Young European Citizens/Aristoteles" visit here

How to apply?

There are 3 deadlines every year when organizations have to submit documents to get the funding for hosting EVS volunteer:

February 1st - for projects starting between 1 May and 31 October
May 1st - for projects starting between 1 August and 31 January
October 1st - for projects starting between 1 January and 30 June

Please send us your CV, motivation letter and details of your sending organization not later than 15 days before the deadline to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to the following fax number: +30 210 8654 749.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Athens!

"If you are planning to apply for an EVS I can only encourage you to do so! During my stay in Greece, I learned so many things, I made so many friends and I gained so many experiences that it would make a very long list. If you want to come to Greece, I can promise you that you will live it not just watch it. The program at GAAEC was challenging, improving and it provided a snapshot of the world of the euro-atlantic integration, the work GAAEC is doing. My involvement with the Greek youth and the other international volunteers was fascinating; I had a lot of fun with them during my free time, while I also learned some Greek. Returning to Hungary I could use my new skills so as to continue my studies in a higher level. If I was offered EVS again I would accept it."
Attila, Hungary

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