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Youth of GAAEC

The Youth Branch of the Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation was established in 1993 aiming to activate university and high-school students in Greece in the fields of expertise related to the operation of G.A.A.E.C.

We aim to educate them on the transatlantic dimension of international relations of Greece. In addition to this we promote healthy debates and the share of ideas, which can contribute to raise awareness of key issues.

The activities of GAAEC provides the Youth Branch the necessary worldwide background to work effectively in today's world. In cooperation with its international partners and local universities the Youth Branch of GAAEC managed to bring together all those students and young professionals who are interested and active in the field of international relations not just in Greece, but also on a global scale.

The detailed report can provide an inside view of the activities of the youth branch.

Our Mission


  • To empower dialogue and understanding among young people with different nationalities, religions, ethnicity and cultures.
  • To present the active and dynamic Greek ideas towards our Partners
  • To generate ideas and informed debate about international politics/relations at home to include both simulated and historical cases concerning NATO, EU, ESDP, OSCE, UN, OECD...
  • To provide opportunities for young people to network and learn about international politics while being exposed to educational activities such as simulations, seminars and internet debates.

Archive of G.A.A.E.C.

The old site of G.A.A.E.C. will remain online with the whole archive of our activities. You may visit it at

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