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Members GAAEC/Youth


The bureau of GAAEC/Youth consists of:

  • Secretary General Mr. Panagiotis – Vasilis (Akis) GEORGIOU, Electrical &Web Engineer.
  • Deputy Secretary General Ms. Maria KATSIOU, Political Scientist, Educational Programs Assistant.


  • Ms. Lelde MENCENDORFA, Social Psychologist, 
  • Mr. Nikolas LOUTZAKIS, Cashier of GAAEC/Youth, Economic and Technical Analyst.
  • Ms. Maria STAMATOPOULOU, Political Scientist.
  • Ms. Marianna LYKOURENTZOU, Information and Communication Advisor
  • Mr. Vasilis LOUTZAKIS, Scientific Advisor

Archive of G.A.A.E.C.

The old site of G.A.A.E.C. will remain online with the whole archive of our activities. You may visit it at

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