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13 Oct 13 October 2014

Informing Foreign Ambassadors in Greece about TICLS

Since the middle of October, Mr. Theodossis Georgiou, has been visiting foreign Ambassadors to Greece informing them about The International Center for Leading Studies.

Mr. Georgiou has already seen Ambassadors of Georgia, H.E. Mr. David Bakradze, who has been recently moved for a position of Deputy Minister for Transatlantic Integration of Georgia, Moldova, H.E. Mr. Valentin Ciumac, Albania, H.E. Dashnor Dervishi, and Ukraine, H.E. Volodymyr Shkurov. Mr. Georgiou discussed various ways of recruiting students from these countries, but also presented them The International Academy for Advanced Studies 2014, in which students from these countries contributed greatly to the overall success of the program.

Mr. Georgiou's meeting with H.E. Mr. Shkurov was extremely engaging because the two gentlemen discussed the situation in Ukraine, and stressed the importance of international education of the Ukrainian youth.

Moreover, Mr. Georgiou has also visited H.E. Ambassador Jan Versteeg, Ambassador of the Netherlands, who already knew our Center from his visit to the Chania-Med Forum during the Academy 2014, where he gave a speech on a special Ambassadors' panel and engaged in a very interesting discussion with our students.

Besides that, Mr. Georgiou, with his aim of establishing relations with various parts of the world, met Ambassador of Sudan, H.E. Abdelmoniem Ahmed Alamin and is on the way to run the meetings with other Ambassadors, creating the space for dialogue between the world of diplomacy and the future students and alumni of The International Center for Leading Studies.


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