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Who We Are

The Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation (G.A.A.E.C.) is a non-partisan network of individuals who are convinced of the pivotal importance of effective Greek foreign policy and the cohesion of international relationships.

G.A.A.E.C. promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the International community in the contemporary world.

Through its diverse networks, G.A.A.E.C. builds broad constituencies to support constructive Greek and international leadership policies by:

  • ►   Staying abreast of international developments in the political, military, economic and social spectrum while analysing and formulating forecasts as well as introducing objective suggestions of action;
  • ►   Stimulating dialogue and discussion concerning critical international policy issues, with the intention of enriching public debate and promoting consensus in the Government, the corporate and non-profit sectors, the media in Greece, and among leaders in Europe, Asia and the Americas;
  • ►   Promoting educational and other programs in cooperation with respectable Educational Institutions for successor generations of leaders who will value international engagement and have the necessary means to develop effective policies, building on Greek leadership in the Transatlantic community;
  • ►   Identifying major issues facing the future of the Atlantic Alliance seen in relation with the development of a European Security and Defence Identity and that of a Common Foreign and Security Policy within the European Union;
  • ►   Examining issues of integration into European structures, regarding the countries of central and eastern Europe, including Russia;
  • ►   Because human and economic security are also vital relationships, G.A.A.E.C. has forged Programme Partnerships with European academic, civil society and economic institutions supporting initiatives for development via autonomous programs of bilateral or multilateral participation on issues related to women, human rights and international security while suggesting action plans;
  • ►   Projecting and promoting the Greek views on foreign policy, defence and international cooperation issues through the network of NGOs in which G.A.A.E.C. participates.


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Archive of G.A.A.E.C.

The old site of G.A.A.E.C. will remain online with the whole archive of our activities. You may visit it at

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