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International Foundation for Electoral Systems

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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is an independent, non-governmental organization providing professional support to electoral democracy. Through field work, applied research and advocacy, IFES strives to promote citizen participation, transparency, and accountability in political life and civil society.

Every IFES project is staffed by local personnel and partnered with local organizations. With this homegrown approach, IFES ensures the expertise it offers fits the needs of the country or client and the benefit of assistance outlasts the life of the project. IFES work is nonpartisan and also includes projects that:

  • Help citizens participate in their democracies;
  • Increase politicians' accountability to the electorate;
  • Strengthen government institutions.

Since its founding in 1987, IFES has worked in more than 100 countries - from developing democracies such as Liberia, to mature democracies such as the United States.

The Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation is the affiliate member of IFES providing effective support in the Balkans, Mediterranean, and Middle East region.

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